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“With a different mindset, you will gain a better appreciation of life and your happiness…”

In just one session Grant managed to change my negative mindset into a positive one. Gary Hyde from Rayleigh Senior Buying Manager (Ocado) 2015

Thank you for teaching me this last 5 years. You have installed in me confidence and focus which has helped me in life. I salute your mastery of teaching so many varied personalities. Your tireless efforts and dedication to ensure I succeeded and achieved.  

Steve Miller 2015

Hatton Garden Jeweller

Due to our Privacy agreements only those that  have sent us in reviews to be used on our website will be featured. Here are some from a few years ago and from March 2018

I have helped a number of well known individuals in various fields incl entertainment and sports etc.. However I am not here to become Famous, I am her to get you results so your privacy is assured.  More recent reviews will appear shortly so please keep your eyes peeled.

One of Life’s good guys. Give Grant a call, he really can help.

Karen Mahy 2018 Paramedic

My son has been a member for nearly 5 months now, and I wish he joined earlier. Previously he attended another club that was no where near as disciplined or structured. Grant the instructor knows his stuff, guiding and encouraging all through a thorough hour of training every time mixed with fitness and technique drills, Both Grant and Dee are great and truly have everyone’s best interests at heart, no matter what stage they are at. The other more experienced members are very helpful and ego-less which makes it great atmosphere. We recently moved to another county, but we have made sure that my son still attends as even though some days he finds it tough he is really enjoying and benefiting from it. If you are lucky enough for a space to be available make sure you take it, you wont be disappointed.

Stephen Green 2018

IMPORTANT: We do not diagnose or treat disease, prescribe medication, or perform the functions of clinical occupations. We offer a Mind-Body and Spirit Approach to your  well being

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