Sounds silly doesn't it. We all know what we want? Don’t we? Actually no is the answer. You will often find your true clarity will come during a session. This is a good thing because then you can pin point what you really want and go to step 2

Set a Clear Goal

Desire is just thinking about what you want isn’t it? Well there are a number of ways that will really bring this on and give it a boost to help speed the process up for you. On to stage 3

Build your Desire

The tools I use for Athletes are perfect for you. All you could ever need from Life! No Limits… Your Mind is the most powerful Asset you posses

After a few years of warming the air at training - In under 13 months of competing, she went from novice to a G.B Team Member taking Silver at the World championships Thailand 2015.

-Grant Guirey - Chief Instructor B.M.T.G Hornchurch

This is normally the sticking point. Well it really won’t matter as I will be speaking to your subconscious and working with your inner self to get you to where you really want to be. I have been helping people for  many years and am very well placed to help you overcome those road bumps in life.... And yes even the roller coasters...

Take Action

Fighting Is one of the toughest mental disciplines there is by far, Fear, Stress, Joy, Worry, Loneliness, Doubt, Pain - all of the emotions and sometimes all at once. I get fighters centred in seconds. I know I can help you!

Book now

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Typically people come to me for help with:

Sports Performance / Any Sport - I can even model better muscle firing.

Fears & Phobias

Public Speaking


Eating Disorders & Bad Memories

IMPORTANT: We do not diagnose or treat disease, prescribe medication, or perform the functions of clinical occupations. We offer a Mind-Body and Spirit Approach to your  well being

A Note from Colby’s Dad - Martin Crean

Colby is UKMF -60kg -14yrs G.B Champion, pic Bottom Right.

“A family felt atmosphere which breeds champions. Want to be the best you have to be trained by the best. A trainer committed to making you the best first and foremost above anything else”

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