Here’s a little bit about myself and why I might be the Best person to help you get the Best results?

“Tigers don’t flock with Sheep” GGuirey2003

I have heard great things about you but Live a long way away, but really feel drawn towards you? Perfect, as long as we have a clear Audio connection that’s all I need.

 I am particularly good at reading tone and speech pattern. Many people rely solely on facial micro muscle movements but I rarely need to use these as my vocal sensitivity is so good. If it makes you more comfortable we can always skype.

I have a strong desire to help you, be your best version of you!

 Inside so do you! I have Great interpersonal skills and an ability to get to the root causes of issues very quickly indeed. Also for emotionally charged issues  we don't need to discuss the issue directly. Being an Intuitive Empath allows me to know pretty much what's wrong and help you move on - I  can help you to nullify, dull or delete the memory and leave you in a better desired state.

How I work is very unique to Me as a person! I have a very unorthodox but Friendly approach that simply works. I‘m just a Genuine guy that thrives on helping others (Results Count!)

My name is Grant Guirey I have already led quite a full and varied life despite being just 45 years young. Raising 3 kids with my Wife  and Partner Dee. Coaching and teaching have always been the main stay career wise but I have a varied background from Labouring, Sales/ inc writing sales pitches, Selling Stationary and other varied Formats, Fork Lift truck Instructor, Team coordinator - Writing Training Manuals - Standard operating Procedures (SOP’S) to presenting to Heads of Production, Engineering and Factory Managers at  Britvic Soft Drinks who make Pepsi etc…

Also a qualified Acupressure Massage Therapist and Auricular Acupuncturist (But now non practising as Mind Coaching has taken over). Even designing this website not bad for a 45 year old with Dyslexia. As you can see even from my early & varied careers I have always been drawn to work in interactive people environments…..  Also for Business Coaching despite only Studying NEBSM National Examining Board for Supervisory Management  to NVQ level 3 my Natural ability to problem solve also means I’m an excellent person to brainstorm your business Goals with, I have helped many people with their businesses and they have become very successful- All I did was say the right thing at the right time and results speak for themselves but that’s the magic of Mind coaching - and I have been gifted abilities that simply make me stand out from the rest!. I have always achieved anything I set my mind to doing and that can do mind set is in itself a gift that I pass on to others. If you Live in the Hornchurch area just ask about me I am known by many people and am confident they will have good things to say!

My day to day for the last 15 years has been as a full time Martial Arts Coach training multiple UK & G.B Champions for Thai Boxing  - I’m also well known as a teacher of  Chow Gar Southern Mantis Kung fu / Chi Gung and Meditation. Everything I have ever done has always been to the highest standards and In 2014 I was Inducted into the M.A.I - Martial Arts Hall of  Fame for “Lifetime Achievement Award”.having learnt 3 arts to Instructor level and taught many to Instructor level myself. Now also a Mind Coach the past 4 years -  utilising many techniques incl Neuro Linguistic Programming which I earned directly from Richard Bandler the co inventor of NLP & John / Kathleen La Valle (John you would know from “The Secret”) I have a wealth of human experience and situations that would quite frankly suprise you so I am in a really Great position to help you because I have done and experienced many of the fears - anxiety's etc which were amplified by my being an Intuitive Empath.

“I have been through many hardships and always came out stronger” and I am used to turning a fighters mindset around in just seconds with possible defeat looming so I am very confident and know I can help you!

IMPORTANT: We do not diagnose or treat disease, prescribe medication, or perform the functions of clinical occupations. We offer a Mind-Body and Spirit Approach to your  well being

“Take care of the action, Results take care of themselves” GGuirey2004

IMPORTANT: I don’t work with everyone that contacts me

Because I am an Intuitive Empath I pick up on peoples Energy and will know pretty much straight away how to help you. On very very rare occasions if I don't feel a connection I will suggest someone else to help you. I have a Network of Mind and Life Coaches.

(The reason for this is it’s more important to me that you get the desired result than for me to make custom).

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