Your Life adventure starts now, what are you waiting for…?

Self talk? These are all self fulfilling prophecy’s, I can help you replace your internal speech patterns to ones that are more productive and conducive to whatever outcome you desire. Results are often Rapid!

Any Sports inc sequenced muscle firing / Work performance / concentration, Fears, anxiety, etc..  phobias, clarity, Goal setting and I’m also a skilled problem solver. I can Turn a defeated fighters mindset in just seconds.                        

In just one session Grant managed to change my negative mindset into a positive one.

Gary Hyde from Rayleigh Senior Buying Manager (Ocado)

Tel: (+44) 0783 2211 524

Thank you for teaching me this last 5 years. You have installed in me confidence and focus which has helped me in life. I salute your mastery of teaching so many varied personalities. Your tireless efforts and dedication to ensure I succeeded and achieved.  

Steve Miller 2015

Hatton Garden Jeweller

What are the costs involved and how many sessions?

Whilst comparable coaches charging £125-£250 initial and £95 -155 p,h) some even charge many many Thousands my fees are very modest. Even do some Free sessions if the situation is warranted..

Personal Initial discovery quick fix Session 1.5 hrs Charged at just £75 then £55 per hour should any further single sessions be needed  Some also string it out “where as its vital to me we get you where you want to be as fast as possible”

Often even just 1 session can be enough, Though we aim to get you on track rapidly within several sessions for more Chronic habits. We also offer 5 x 1hr slots at  £250 - just £50 p.h 6 month shelf life and 10 x 1hr slots at £450 - £45ph 12 month shelf life. They can also be used to reinforce better life choices and stay upbeat and on top of  life's little roller coasters - either once a week or once a month or as requested I also offer a Mentoring service.

We want to help you make the most rapid change possible, for what is right for you.  

48 Devonshire Road, Hornchurch, Essex, RM124LQ

IMPORTANT: We do not diagnose or treat disease, prescribe medication, or perform the functions of clinical occupations. We offer a Mind-Body and Spirit Approach to your  well being

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