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NLP - cuts straight through all the rubbish and gets problems, fears even phobias resolved fast and is one of the Main tools I use.

NLP Co Creator Dr Richard Bandler devised NLP to cut to the chase in life. He studied what successful people did and then took the commonalities and basically installs those more successful speech patterns into his students and therefore into the clients.

Well known students include Paul Mckenna. Read more about why I could be the one to help you towards your goals!


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NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

The best thing to do is just give me a call (Grant Guirey) 0783 2211 524 to discuss what I can offer. I have been given a talent for helping people with their mindset so Call for a FREE 5 min chat today!

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Bookings - Free 5 min Chat

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From General life issues incl fears and Phobias to better performance in sports or being more assertive in the workplace.

You see it’s easy to get caught up in life’s same old same old…. Under achieving and settling for things, habits etc is all to common. With my help you can move towards what you really want and break the pattern. Change is a good thing - it’s the fear of change, that voice that holds us back!

“If you feel you are holding yourself back in life or you are stuck in a vicious circle I can help you move forward today!”

I am extremely confident in my ability to help you get the right mental alignment to have a better life. It mainly comes down to your self talk? However there are certain patterns of this that we we install at a subconscious level.

Much like a person can be driving a car and then wonder how they got there? They don't recall the journey?  Well that's your higher self / your auto pilot taking over and that is also done at a subconscious level.

My best advice to you is I would look for someone like myself that isn't going to clog your mind up with needless analysis etc... Actually it’s not needed. Also my rates are extremely reasonable. I don't try and dazzle you with terminology to charge a higher price.

You actually have all the resources to solve practically all your issues yourself. What you need me for is to help you to utilise them. The best part is I don't need to know about these issues as I just help you better dull or maximise the thoughts/memories to have a lesser or more positive effect on you depending on the outcome you are looking for.

Anyway proof of the pudding as they say is in the eating. Give me that free 5 min call and see for yourself just how I can help you.



Whatever life throws at you just remember this. Let the good things stick and share them around, let the shit flush cause that's no fun if it sticks. Put any bad things behind you that's why we are designed that way to leave the shit behind us! Grant Guirey 2008

I am very grounded and down to earth which helps me get you fast results…

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